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We’re the engine of innovation.

asto BUSINESS GROUP is a project developer and investor specializing in locations with a strong presence of high-tech enterprises, but also in individual commercial & industrial properties. We also promote ground-breaking projects that emerge from innovative businesses and other organisations engaging with the challenges of the future. Our efforts deliver vital inspiration from the private sector to create a sustainable society that includes responsibility for corporate citizens also. Since the start of the new millennium, we have executed innovative projects in aerospace, satellite navigation, engineering, robotics, medical technology, new media, new materials, photonics, biotechnology and environment technology.

What we do:

With expertise to reliably navigate numerous industries, we can help external clients and our own Group companies to accomplish their objectives.

Our services include planning and implementing the move of business ventures to asto locations, and developing new technology-based locations.

asto BUSINESS GROUP is your competent partner for every stage of your project – from strategic selection of your real-estate site with made-to-measure financing, planning your build to suit your specific requirements, and management of the property after you take occupancy. Since we have such a broad network within the Group, we can also call on expertise to advise you on tax and legal issues.