Property management

In the property management division, we provide commercial and technical support for our own and third-party properties, parks, and districts nationwide.


In our day-to-day operations, we focus on tenants and owners with all their wishes and requirements. Particularly about the individual economic situation of the tenants, we are careful to optimize the rental and additional rental costs flexibly and efficiently. We optimize the development potential of the property for owners.

By constantly monitoring all property-related costs, we pursue a sustainable approach to cost optimization. Short, medium, and long-term costs of maintenance and operation are presented transparently for tenants and owners. In keeping with the top-down approach, we always ensure efficient use of costs, time, and resources.

Campus management

In addition, the asto Group also offers campus management services. The company supports the holistic management and optimization of real estate portfolios, particularly in R&D, office parks and commercial parks. This includes looking after tenants, ensuring the maintenance and care of the building infrastructure, and implementing sustainability concepts.